Affiliate Marketing Manager

Job description

You are an Affiliate Marketing Manager. You are one lovable cat. It’s a given that you are knowledgeable - knowing how to match the affiliate’s traffic to the right offers, knowing the best ways to market those offers and all that jazz. But, you know the best Affiliate Marketing Managers are the ones who get along with everyone they meet and truly tries to help them whenever possible. Your relationship-building skills are off the freakin’ charts. Affiliates rant and rave about you because of the great listener you are when you discuss offers, ideas and marketing strategies with them and learn what is working for them so you can then help others.


We are waiting here with open arms! We would be thrilled to have you!



  • Create and facilitate genuine, positive relationships between our company and the many affiliate marketers that promote us
  • Work with affiliates to improve our program and increase affiliate activity which includes positive growth in incoming affiliate traffic growth and revenue
  • Plan Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
  • Plan and Implement Affiliation Acquisition Strategy
  • Diligently monitor Affiliates & Referrals for fraud or TOS violations
  • Maintain positive relationships with 3rd Party Affiliate Managers
  • Discover new top level affiliates with high level of relevant traffic, targeted mailing lists, etc.
  • Negotiating with third-party Affiliate Managers / Owners for partnerships, better terms and more revenue
  • Manage the affiliate and partnership budget
  • Stay up to date with the latest affiliate marketing trends
  • Run well-conceived marketing tests to help optimize affiliate sales and retention
  • Bring bold and new ideas to our affiliate marketing strategy to help grow and transform our marketing channel
  • Track and analyze metrics to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the programs


  • Prior experience as an Affiliate Marketing Manager
  • Superior interpersonal communication and customer service skills
  • Effective sales and negotiation skills
  • Strong partnership management skills
  • In-depth knowledge of Affiliate Platforms and Programs
  • Great passion for affiliate marketing and the wider digital industry
  • Working knowledge of the latest affiliate marketing and online partnership trends
  • Proven ability to multi-task deliver exceptional results and motivate/manage others in a fast paced, dynamic environment
  • Desire and ability to do everything you can to gain people’s trust (this might be the most important attribute)
  • “Get it done” mindset to optimize the campaign to the full extent and bring the best results
  • Outstanding organizational skills - it’s easy to come off track with the amount of partners and deadlines you will have